MindFluctuations was created through residencies in São Paulo, Brazil and Washington, D.C. which enabled an international collaboration between Maida Withers and Tania Fraga, a Brazilian computer artist, and Pedro Garcia, Java consultant programmer. Mauro Pichiliani, Brain Computer Interface technician and Donizetti Louro, mathematics consultant at the Institute of Mathematics and Art, São Paulo.  After a successful history of international collaborations and site-specific performances, MWDCCo is excited to first present the world premiere of MindFluctuations in their home community in the heart of downtown Washington, DC at Lisner Auditorium before returning to São Paulo at Paco das Artes museum for additional performance,  May 2015.


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Wearable computer watches & clothing promises healthier lives

Postado por Lauris Brazil em sexta, junho 6, 2014, In : EVENTO 


AFP News agency

A new generation of wearable technology, including smart wristbands, watches and clothing, is promising not only to log data about users' health but to predict and avert crises -- from drivers falling asleep at the wheel to runners wearing themselves out in a marathon. Wearable technology is the fastest growing category at this year's Computex, Asia's largest tech trade show which kicked off in Taiwan on Tuesday, with health-tracking a dominant theme. Health and fitnes...

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CESIMA - PUC SP - Prof. Hasok Chang da Universidade de Cambridge

Postado por IMA Brazil em sábado, setembro 1, 2012, In : EVENTO 

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Arte e Jogo em debate e fruição conversas sobre a imaginação, processos criativos e lúdicos.

Postado por IMA Brazil em terça, maio 8, 2012, In : EVENTO 
Sábado, dia 26 de maio, esperamos vocês para conversas sobre a imaginação, processos criativos e lúdicos.

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Exploring Spaces for Learning - HETL

Postado por IMA Brazil em segunda, abril 23, 2012, In : EVENTO 

The International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Associatio N(http://hetl.org/) cordially invites you to attend the 2013 International HETL Conference to be held at the University of Central Florida, in cooperation with the UCF Karen L. Smith Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.


See More:  http://www.fctl.ucf.edu/hetl2013/

In Towards Creative Learning Spaces: Rethinking the Architecture of Post-Compulsory Education (2011), Jos Boys raises intriguing questions about changes in th...

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Mathematics: A Beautiful Elsewhere

Postado por IMA Brazil em domingo, dezembro 18, 2011, In : EVENTO 
Um Evento único realizado pela Fundação Cartier. Vale a pena conferir!!! Excelente.