MindFluctuations was created through residencies in São Paulo, Brazil and Washington, D.C. which enabled an international collaboration between Maida Withers and Tania Fraga, a Brazilian computer artist, and Pedro Garcia, Java consultant programmer. Mauro Pichiliani, Brain Computer Interface technician and Donizetti Louro, mathematics consultant at the Institute of Mathematics and Art, São Paulo.  After a successful history of international collaborations and site-specific performances, MWDCCo is excited to first present the world premiere of MindFluctuations in their home community in the heart of downtown Washington, DC at Lisner Auditorium before returning to São Paulo at Paco das Artes museum for additional performance,  May 2015.


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Evento dia 04.09.2012 - CESIMA - PUC SP - Prof. Hasok Chang do Depto de Historia e Filosofia da Ciência da Universidade de Cambridge - Inglaterra

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The trouble with case-studies, and the active philosophical function of history

What can we conclude from a mere handful of case-studies?  This has been a vexing question for integrated history and philosophy of science (HPS).  The field of HPS has witnessed too many hasty philosophical generalizations based on a small number of conveniently chosen case-studies.  This was seen as detrimental to philosophy and history both.  On the philosophical side, case-studies may end up as empty gestur...

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CESIMA - PUC SP - Prof. Hasok Chang da Universidade de Cambridge

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